Representing Sellers

You are considering Stoney Point LLC to represent the sale of your company.  Here are some things to know.

Industry Focus: Stoney Point works only with the owners of Indiana based manufacturing and trucking companies and offers a very deep understanding of their respective industries. This understanding enables Stoney Point to quickly identify and accurately present the current strengths and the future opportunities of your company to potential qualified Buyers.

Clients do not waste time or face frustration explaining to Stoney Point what their manufacturing or trucking company does, how they do it and for whom they do it.

Further, Buyers prefer to work with a broker that knows their industry. Potential Buyers are indentified from an extensive list of personal contacts developed from years of business experience in manufacturing and trucking.

Confidentiality: The value of your company can be adversely affected if the intention to sell is broadly leaked to employees, customers, competitors or suppliers. This is the reason that Stoney Point does not post its clients on the internet including the many business-for-sale web sites that are all open to the general public. There is no control over who knows or what they know. The prospect of a sale signals a change that can be alarming to employees, customers and suppliers and provide ammunition to competitors.

Each contact Stoney Point has with a prospective buyer is done personally and individually. No detailed information or Client identity is revealed until a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed.

Fees: Stoney Point works only on a success fee basis. That means there are no upfront fees and that Stoney Point is paid only if there is a closed deal. The Client has the exclusive right to accept or reject any deal. Very simply, if there is no closing, there is no fee. Stoney Point pays all of its own expenses. The fee is typically a percentage of the total proceeds of the transaction and is agreed upon in advance by the Client and Stoney Point. When Stoney Point represents a Client seller, Stoney Point will not collect fees from any other entity.

Potential Buyers: Stoney Point knows a number of potential well qualified buyers interested in acquiring certain types of manufacturing and trucking companies. If their known interest matches the Client’s business, they will be included in the search for qualified Buyers

Objectivity: Stoney Point will perform professional services with our clients’ best interests our primary concern. Any perceived or real conflicts of interest will be fully disclosed before accepting any engagement.

Professional Competency: Stoney Point will only accept professional service engagements that we believe we are capable of performing to the Clients’ satisfaction. The terms of a professional services engagement will be discussed and agreed to in writing with Clients before commencing our work.

Communication: Stoney Point believes in and will promote open, frequent and honest communication between all parties. This will achieve the best possible results.

Call Dennis Pressler at 317-691-3686 or email for more information.

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